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Champions Choice Replacement Noses $19.99

Introducing a new high-quality line of Whitetail Replacement Noses from Champions Choice. They are easy to install, will increase the quality of your work and are suitable for everyday use as well as competition at the highest levels.

Please click on the image for exact measurements and sizing instructions.

PRO-1 Premium Hide Paste

Available in 1 Gallon for $60 and 5 Gallon for $250. This is considered the most effective glue in the history of taxidermy!

Klei Epoxy Putty 1lb. Kit $35

Neutral-Colored epoxy that mixes with water or alcohol.  Ideal working time to shape, stamp, and tool is 25-35 minutes, up to 45 minutes.  Cures in approximately one hour. Once hardened, it can be sanded and ground to completed project. Cleans up with water and dish soap.

Klei Extreme Adhesive $80 (10 lb Bag)

With the success of our KLEI™ Epoxy putty, Ocello Enterprises, Inc., announces our newest product, KLEI™ Extreme Hide Paste. KLEI™ (pronounced CLAY) Extreme Hide Paste is an innovative adhesive, with many unique features unlike any other hide paste currently on the market.

Here are some of the features of this product:

1. A long shelf life due to specially designed high barrier packaging bags, that protect against the effects of oxygen, moisture, and light.

2. Eliminate the need to pay for shipping water in pre-mixes- “mix as needed” eliminating waste, dated product and poor product adhesive performance.

3. A unique blend of chemistry allows a tenacious bond to many different surfaces such as polyurethane foam, water based sculpting clay, steel, and plastic ear-liners.

4. A completely water- based product with NO VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)

5. An easy to mix of 7.5 ounces of water (R/O or distilled) to 1 lb of powder. A plastic measuring cup included for easy mixing. The low water demand allows the adhesive to penetrate into the leather of animal hides, due to our “osmotic driver”, creating a tenacious bond with an appropriate work time that allows the paste to dry slowly.

6. No worries about freeze-thaw stability, or loss of adhesion due to added cryoprotectants

7. Works on ALL commercially available tanning methods but is not compatible with borax preservatives.

8. A thixotropic white paste that dries white/off white that can be custom pigmented by the artist with the addition of small amounts of tempera or acrylic pastel powders

9. Cleans up with water and detergent in the uncured state or can be brushed out of hair in the dry state.

Grow Masters Deer Mineral $25 (2 Gallon Bucket)

This product is an effective deer attractant with vitamins, minerals, and a natural dewormer all in one! Grow Master Deer Mineral comes in Red Apple and Persimmon flavors, both available in 2 gallon buckets.


If you want healthier deer, bigger bucks, and bigger antlers, this is the product for you! Grow Master Deer Mineral draws in deer and keeps them close. This product helps with antler growth, milk production, coat quality and fat retention. Use this product 365 days a year and see amazing results!


Product Info:  Grow Masters Deer Mineral 2 Gallon Bucket. Can be used year-round. Empty one full bucket on the ground to create a mineral site. For best results, refresh mineral site every 30 days with one full bucket.

Form Prep Tool $30

The Perfect way to prep forms without all the mess!

*Use as an attachment in reciprocating saw.

Swivel Hanger $25

Designed for wall pedestals but will work with any form!

Great for any space!

*Swivels almost 90° in both directions*

Mears Hanger $1.00

32mm Payer Eyes


Color: Medium Deer

$13.75 / per pair

32mm Unbanded Eyes

Color: Medium Deer

$10.00 / per pair

32mm DC Prime Eyes

Pre-Rotated, Defined Cornea, Veins

Color: Medium Deer

$19.25 / per pair

6 inch Fine Riffler Rasp $30

8 inch Medium Riffler Rasp $32

Tungsten Sharpening Tool $20


Ultimate Ear Liners

Sculpted by World Renowned Taxidermist/ Sculptor Cary Cochran

Size: Medium


$6.99/ per pair

Replacement Heads

Mears 6 3/4 inch replacement head $25

 Mears 7 inch replacement head $25

Mears 7 1/4 inch replacement head $25

Mears 7 1/2 inch replacement head $25

Mears 7 3/4 inch replacement head $25

Mears 8 inch replacement head $25


Mounting & Finishing DVD

$50 / each

Caping, Fleshing, & Tanning DVD

$50 / each

Old School Fleshing with Charles Palmer DVD

$50 / each

Only Available at Mears Whitetail Forms